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Services Provided

*EMDR Trauma Resolution Therapy*

EMDR is a specific form of therapy designed to treat a large variety of issues. With over 20 years of scientific evidence to support it’s efficacy, I am proud to be able to offer this service to my clients. Personally, I have found EMDR to be a priceless tool in helping people to get past the experiences in their lives that have held them back from living fully in the present moment.

Individual Counseling*

Counseling au natural, as I like to call it, Individual Counseling is a one-on-one, talk-therapy based process designed to target your specific goals. Personally as a therapist, I lean towards a mindfulness based cognitive behavioral approach to most of the talk therapy that I do, though if you work with me, you will find that body awareness, emotional experiencing and interpersonal communication patters may also play a significant role in the overall process.

*Couples Coaching*

Many people begin to seek out couples counseling once they have begun to have problems. Often times, this is too late. Tensions are typically so high and so much trust has been lost that neither party is truly able to learn the tools that are necessary to make a relationship really work. That’s why I have invented Couples Coaching. This process is for couples that want to build a little bit of insurance into their relationship. In this process couples will learn the key attending, relating and communicating tools that are necessary to keep your relationship alive before it going gets rough.

Family Counseling*

Family counseling can be an integral part of any complete treatment plan, but tends to be most helpful when I am working with young adults and adolescents. Family counseling can help to increase family connectivity, assist with addressing difficult issues and improve overall communication patterns between and amongst family members. When I work with families I strive to ensure that the feelings and needs of all members in the family are heard and that trust and respect is resorted if it has been broken.

Phone/FaceTime Consultation & Coaching*

Are you fairing rather well but want to be sure to stay on track with your personal growth goals? Or are you an Individual Counseling client facing a crisis? Phone or FaceTime sessions are a great way to address these needs. Sessions tend to be more goal-specific and task oriented than one-on-one individual counseling sessions as they are designed to keep you on track or address a current acute situation. Phone/FaceTime sessions also make personal growth coaching available to those that live outside the greater Phoenix area*.
*Please call for details on this service.

Eating Disorders Treatment*

Counseling is but one aspect of comprehensive treatment for an Eating Disorder.

At GROWTHspring, Eating Disorder Treatment starts with a comprehensive assessment. The assessment will determine the preliminary recommendations for care and how best to build the treatment team.

I believe full recovery from an Eating Disorder is possible regardless of the diagnosis (Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, Binge Eating Disorder, or FEDNEC).

Each person’s journey towards recovery from an Eating Disorder is just that, a journey in life towards health, wellness, and finding one’s authentic self.

At GROWTHspring, I provide the following aspects of Eating Disorder Treatment:

*Outpatient Individual & Family Counseling*
*Treatment Team Facilitation*
**AM I HUNGRY? Mindfulness Eating for Binge Eating Program**
*After Care Support Groups*

Call to set up your initial assessment today.


Mindfulness Eating for Binge Eating Program

Do you:
* Feel a lack of control over your eating?
* Eat a larger amount of food than most people?
* Eat rapidly?
* Feel disgusted, depressed, or guilty after eating?
* Eat until you feel uncomfortably full or sick?
* Eat when you are not physically hungry?
* Eat alone or in secret because you are embarrassed about what, how, or how much you eat?

If any of this rings true for you, you are not alone! Speak to your therapist or treatment provider today or call Heidi at 602.391.6032 to learn more about the Am I Hungry? ME-BE Program.

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