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The GROWTHspring Way

GROWTHspring was born with my clients in mind. Each client that I have ever worked with has shown me how amazingly powerful and resilient the human spirit is. No matter how big or small the presenting issue, I have seen immeasurable strength, courage and growth in all my clients. It is this innate capacity to tap into our internal resources and grow that has led me to view counseling as a process for anyone ready to move forward in their lives.

As individuals, no matter our background, we all experience the stress and adversity that life brings. Though not always pleasant, each adversity presents us with an opportunity for self-discovery, growth and transformation. At GROWTHspring, the counseling process is designed to help my clients tap into these experiences, move towards healing and begin to fully engage in their lives. By taking the leap and beginning your personal counseling journey, you are opening the door to releasing the past, living authentically in the present and realizing your full potential. Are you ready?

Through the counseling process at GROWTHspring I work together with each of my clients to find their unique path towards healing, achieving their goals, finding their power and living a genuine and authentic life.

Whether you are merely looking for guidance to make your life more full and complete or are struggling with your recovery from an eating disorder, I look forward to partnering with you.
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